Why Do Modern day Pets Need Superfood?



Quite simply, because the world has changed.

For millions of years dogs and cats lived in an environment where the air was pure, water was clean and food was fresh and naturally rich in all the nutrients they needed to thrive.

Not any more.

Pollution now permeates every aspect of modern day life. So much so, that industrial chemicals can be found everywhere - in the air, in water, in food and even stored in the bodies of people and pets.

To maintain health in the face of this daily chemical onslaught, the immune system and other natural defence mechanisms have to work hard to eject them from the body (a process called detoxification) and repair the damage they cause.

To do this effectively, they need a rich supply of essential nutrients each day in the diet. The problem is, intensive farming has so depleted the soil of minerals (a 72% drop in the last 100 years alone) that food today provides only a fraction of the nutrients it once used to - and at a time when dogs and cats need much higher levels of these in their diet to stay healthy, NOT LESS.

With pollution at an all time high and food deficient in vital nutrients, is it any wonder that the number of dogs and cats suffering from skin diseases, immune system disturbances, digestive problems, chronic disease and cancer is so high?

SUPERFOOD offers a solution.

By enriching pets diets each day with nutrients that can be missing from food, much needed nutritional support is given to the body's natural healing mechanisms to promote detoxification and tissue healing, regeneration and repair.

All of which is vital for modern day pets, if they are to enjoy the very best of health.



Digestion stimulates appetite, provides a rich supply of B vitamins important for optimum cellular health and promotes a healthy gut flora population in the bowels - which in turn supports the immune system locally and as a whole.

Vitality (a combination of 2 of the world's richest whole foods) in addition to supplying a wide range of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements which promote tissue healing regeneration and repair, also has natural anti-inflammatory and immune system supporting properties.

Immunity provides important nutritional support to aid the immune system in protecting the body against infections, toxins and other threats to health. 

Joints provides the building blocks for healthy bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and joint fluid to help maintain mobility, flexibility and an active life for as longest possible.





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