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Vince the Vet Superfood - Digestion - 800g

The Best of Health Begins With Great Digestion

For your pet to benefit as much as possible from their diet, healthy bowels and digestion are vital.

Sadly, many dogs and cats today suffer from digestive disturbances resulting in:

  • soft stools, recurrent diarrhoea or excessive wind
  • easily upset bowels
  • a dull, dry coat or unhealthy skin
  • loss of weight or poor body condition

DIGESTION is a unique blend of 2 natural prebiotics, which added to the diet each day:

  • promotes healthy bowels and digestion
  • supports gut immunity
  • aids the assimilation of nutrients important for good body condition
  • helps replenish the friendly gut flora, vital for strong health






  • ​where signs of digestive disturbances or poor assimilation of nutrients from the diet are evident (as described above)
  • whenever oral medication which damages friendly gut flora has been given
  • following bouts of gastroenteritis or colitis


Modern day dogs and cats are constantly exposed to a wide range of environmental chemicals which collect on their paws, skin and fur and are subsequently swallowed during self-grooming. Over time these can harm the bowels, friendly gut flora and digestion, leading to ill-health.

Giving DIGESTION each day provides much needed nutritional support to the bowels and friendly gut flora, which helps to promote good digestion in the face of this ongoing threat to health.

A powdered blend of Fructooligosacharides and Brewer's Yeast. 

Typical analysis:

Crude protein: 17-20%

Crude fibres: 64%

Crude oils and fats: <1%

Crude ash: <5%


Using a clean teaspoon (5ml), sprinkle a small amount of the powder onto your pet's food each day.

Once your pet is happy taking this, slowly increase to the amount suggested below over a few weeks.

This can be divided between meals if fed more than once.


Small  5 - 10kg  ½ - 1 level teaspoon
 Medium  10 - 20kg  1 - 2 level teaspoons
 Large  20 - 40kg  2 - 3 level teaspoons
 Giant  40kg plus  3 - 4 level teaspoons



 Kittens  2 - 6 months  ¼ level teaspoon
 Young cats  6 - 12 months  ½ level teaspoon
 Adult cats  Over 12 months  1 - 2 level teaspoons

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