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Vince the Vet Superfood - Joints - 200g

Healthy Joints Are Important For An Active, Fulfilling Life

For your pet to enjoy a fulfilling, active life, strong healthy joints and a flexible body are important.

All to often however, dogs and cats suffer from injuries, arthritis and other diseases which result in:

  • stiff and sore joints
  • poor mobility
  • an unwillingness to move, run, jump, exercise or play
  • slow recovery from injuries or surgery

JOINTS is a unique blend of 4 natural ingredients, which added to the diet each day:

  • soothes sore and inflamed joints
  • promotes flexibility and mobility
  • encourages an active lifestyle for as long as possible
  • aids recovery from musculoskeletal injuries or surgery




  • at the first sign of stiffness
  • as soon as any form of arthritis or joint disease is diagnosed
  • whenever there is a muscle, tendon or ligament injury, such as a sprain or strain 
  • following an accident or orthopaedic surgery


Most dogs and cats will develop arthritis at some stage in their lives. 

Giving JOINTS each day, provides a rich supply of the nutrients necessary for joints to stay healthy and pets to stay mobile for as long as possible, particularly as they get older.

A powdered blend of Hydrolysed Collagen, organic Kelp, Bromelain from pineapples (corn starch used as a carrier) and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Typical analysis:

Crude protein: 83-85%

Crude fibres: <5%

Crude oils and fats: <2%

Crude ash: <5%


Using a clean teaspoon (5ml), sprinkle a small amount of the powder onto your pet's food each day.

Once your pet is happy taking this, slowly increase to the amount suggested below over a few weeks.

This can be divided between meals if fed more than once.


Small  5 - 10kg  ½ - 1 level teaspoon
 Medium  10 - 20kg  1 - 2 level teaspoons
 Large  20 - 40kg  2 - 3 level teaspoons
 Giant  40kg plus  3 - 4 level teaspoons



 Kittens  2 - 6 months  ¼ level teaspoon
 Young cats  6 - 12 months  ½ level teaspoon
 Adult cats  Over 12 months  1 - 2 level teaspoons

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