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I grew up surrounded by animals, and it was the tragic death of a much loved feline friend during childhood that ­inspired me to ­become a Vet.

This desire never wavered and in 1983 I graduated as a Vet from Liverpool University and went to work for the PDSA in ­Manchester, where I gained ­invaluable clinical experience treating a wide range of conditions in many different types of pet. I also developed a passion for ­orthopaedic surgery.  Several months before I was due to sit the Certificate Of  ­Veterinary ­Orthopaedics examinations, the opportunity to buy a practice of my own arose.  Too good an ­opportunity to miss, I moved  to Stockport in 1987, and established The Albany Veterinary Clinic.  Over the next 14 years the clinic grew to become a centre of ­excellence, where pets received the very best ­treatment available, with the utmost kindness and care.

From the mid nineties onwards, my interest in natural remedies, therapies and supplements grew, as I became increasingly frustrated by the inability of a conventional veterinary approach to help many of the animals under my care.  Never one to quit, or simply accept the staus quo, I was spurred on to find alternatives that could.

This burning desire to alleviate suffering and restore health as gently and as naturally as possible, no matter how ill a pet might be, coupled with a ­belief that the body is capable of extraordinary things with the right support, led me to study ­homeopathy along with a wide range of other therapies both in the UK, USA and East.


(You can read about my conversion to homeopathy here and here.)



In 1998 I gained the VetMFHom homeopathy qualification, after studying at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, the London School of Homeopathy and with the Oxford Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group for 3 years.

Nutritional therapy using natural supplements, in combination with homeopathy, became the cornerstone for the holistic treatment of pets, but acupuncture, herbal remedies and energy ­therapies played their part too.   By 1999 I was treating the great majority of the animals I was seeing - many of which were ­referrals - with complementary medicine and therapies alone.  Notable successes  and the results of clinical trials were published in the Veterinary Times, Positive Health Magazine and local newspapers.

By 2001 I was treating an increasing number of people as well as animals, and so left Stockport to establish a ­complementary therapy centre in Hampshire.  When my Mum's health began to deteriorate in 2007, I sold everything, took a career break and cared for Mum full time, until she passed over in 2011.

Vince The Vet® - Putting The Power Of Nutritional Therapy Into Pet Owners Hands

On my return to holistic practice following the death of my Mum, I was struck by how many pets there were who would benefit from nutritional therapy, but weren’t getting the help that they could.

The problem is, without extensive first hand experience and specialist knowledge, it is difficult to know what nutrients to give and how for the best results.   And so this inspired me to create Vince The Vet© - a unique, integrated range of natural supplements, which make it easy for pet owners to help their dogs and cats with nutritional therapy, using products they can trust.

Or, in other words, Vince The Vet® puts the power of nutritional therapy into pet owners hands.

You can learn more about the benefits of our revolutionary new range here.

Vince MacNally


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