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Show 15

Lynn Describes Her Experience of Homeopathy and Being Treated By A Holistic Vet

Unfortunately pets can't talk....

and although we can clearly see how better they feel when homeopathic treatment works for them, they can't put into words how this feels or what it means to them.

And so in this weeks UK Health Radio Show, we've drafted in Lynn of Raw Paws Pantry - a lady who recently received homeopathic treatment from Vince The Vet - to give a first hand account of the healing this unique form of medicine can provide.

Listen in to hear what Lynn has to say - in her own unique style!


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Show 14

Your Pet's Incredible Immune System - Part 3 - Healing

A large black and white cat was brought into the clinic where I worked, in the early days of my career.

Lying prostrate on a makeshift bed of bloodied blankets at the bottom of a battered cardboard box, panting furiously and trembling from head to foot, it was clear he was in a bad shape.

Torn nails.  Abrasions.  An assortment of bumps and bruises. Pale, cold, clammy mouth and a back leg three times its normal size.

All hallmarks of being hit by a car.

X-rays revealed a thighbone shattered into a dozen or so pieces, which made surgical repair impossible.

Amputation appeared to be the only option, but after seeking the opinion of more experienced colleagues, and recalling the words of wisdom spoken by a renowned orthopaedic surgeon of the day that “fractures in cats will heal if you can keep the ends of the bones in the same room”

Nature was given a chance…

What followed was a lesson in healing, which I remember to this day… and is the subject of this show..


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Show 13

Your Pet's Incredible Immune System - Part 2 - The Allergic Reaction

Itchy skins.

Repeated ear infections.

Intermittently sloppy stools - often with the passing of blood or mucus.

Watery eyes, paroxysms of sneezing and a cough that won’t go way.

Paw chewing.

Bum surfing.

Fur that ripples at the slightest touch.

Sudden, puffy swellings.

Hot, angry rashes.

A drooling mouth with an inability to swallow.

Allergic reactions are common in pets, and is one of the ways the immune system protects the body against threats to health.

Under normal circumstances the reaction is short-lived and dies down once the danger has passed.

When this mechanism becomes disrupted however - which is an increasingly common occurrence in pets these days  - it gives rise to allergies, chronic skin disease, bowel disturbances and other, often serious and difficult to treat health problems.

In this show, we will look the allergic reaction, how it fits in with other immune system responses, what happens when it goes wrong and what can be done to help restore it to a healthier level of functioning.


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Show 12

Can Holistic Treatment Help?  - A Medley of Common Questions answered

Holistic Treatment is one of those phrases that conjures up all sorts of images in the mind.

A hot stone massage; an aromatherapy session; a visit to an acupuncturist or a herbalist; Reiki.

With literally hundreds of different ways to influence health grouped under one umbrella the distinction between those which induce a sense of well-being from those intended to stimulate healing at the deepest level often becomes lost.

And yet there is a very real difference between the two, and this is as true for our pets as it is for ourselves.

In this show, we will look at what Holistic Treatment is and illustrate how it can help pets by providing the answers to a number of common questions we’ve been asked.


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Show 11

The Shocking Truth about Vegetables and Fruits Fed To Pets

Vegetables and fruits are healthy right?

Packed full of vitamins, mineral, trace elements and anti-oxidants with impressively exotic names – they must surely be good for our pets?

Look underneath the surface however, and there is a very different tale.

In this show we will look at what vegetables and fruits today really offer and the effects of feeding these to our pets.

And as these are included in many pet foods, processed and RAW alike, it’s something every pet owner needs to be aware of.


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Show 10

Your Pet's Incredible Immune System - Part 1 - The Immune Response

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and many other types of microorganism are present everywhere... in the soil … in the air … in the nooks and crannies of carpets and furnishings …

and on the surface of toys, food dishes and many other ordinary, everyday objects.

They are also present in huge numbers, living inside and on your pet!

Most of these microorganisms are harmless.

Some are helpful, performing functions which contribute to the health of your pet, such as the ‘friendly’ bacteria in the large intestine which aid digestion.

Others however are harmful, causing infections or damage to organs, tissues and cells which can be serious or life-threatening.

To stay healthy your pet needs to be protected against such threats.

Your pet also needs protecting against threats to health that arise from within the body itself, such as the development of cancerous cells.

This vital protection is provided by the immune system.

But what is the immune system?

And how does it keep our pet’s bodies safe from attacks occurring from within and without?

In this show we will take a closer look at the immune system, how it works, and what we can do to help it provide maximum protection to our dogs and cats.


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Show 9

Food Intolerances and Sensitivities - What Are They and What Problems Do They Cause?

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates is reputed to have said.

And yet, there’s no denying that food meant to nourish the body sometimes harms it instead, or fosters ill-health instead of well-being.

This can be a fault of the food itself, if it is of poor quality or contaminated in some way.

It can however, also be down to an inability to digest or tolerate certain foods properly, or a bad reaction to components of the diet which the body is sensitive to for some reason.

This is why the same food given to two different pets can have one racing around with energy to spare, while the other runs to the loo repeatedly, or scratches themselves silly.

So how then, do we help pets who can’t tolerate certain foods or who react badly to them, to be as well-nourished as they can be, so they live as long and as healthy a life as possible and avoid food related diseases and ill-health?

In this show we will look at how digestion can be improved and food intolerances and sensitivities successfully dealt with to transform the health of affected dogs and cats. 

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Show 8

If You're Not Giving Your Dog or Cat Special Supplements, They Will Be Malnourished In Some Way and Health Will Suffer - Here's Why

The word supplement suggests that something is an ‘extra’ an added bonus, ok or nice if you like that sort thing and believe it’s doing some good – but not really necessary.

And so Nutritional Supplements for pets are seen by many as an unnecessary addition to dogs and cats diets - particularly if they are fed on a premium brand, vitamin and mineral fortified complete processed food – or a RAW diet where everything is fresh, wholesome and full of natural goodness.

The fact is however, nothing could be further from the truth.

In this show, we’ll explain why if you’re not giving special supplements to your dog or cat, they will be malnourished in some way, and at some point health will suffer as a result.

We’ll also describe the steps you can take to reverse this.

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Show 7

From Terminal Cancer To Remission - Donnie's Miraculous recovery

Every year there is a pet who makes a remarkable recovery from a serious disease, when all the odds are against them.

This year it is Donnie – the disease was cancer - and this is his tale.

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Show 6

Allergies, Eruptions and Itchy Skins - A Road Map to Natural Relief

Allergies in pets are rife.

Food allergies.

Flea allergies.

Allergies to pollen from trees, grass and flowers.

Allergies to house dust, house dust mites, fungal spores and fabrics.

Allergies to dietary and environmental chemicals.

Allergies to pets, plants and people (human dander.)

And the effects these have on the body vary from pet to pet.

Some dogs and cats develop an 'irritable bowel' which results in the passing of sloppy stools, often containing mucus or blood.

For others it's sore, weeping eyes, a runny nose and varying degrees of snuffling, snorting and sneezing.

For most however, an itchy and inflamed skin is the main sign, accompanied by various spots scabs, scales, pustules, pimples and other types of eruptions. And the distress that this causes can be so intense, many pets will scratch or bite themselves raw.

What can be done to help?

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Show 5

Severe, Chronic and Incurable Disease In Pets - What Can Holistic Treatment Help?

"Can Holistic Treatment help?"

This is the commonest question I’m asked each week by pet owners worried about their dog or cat's health, and who are looking for natural ways to improve longevity and quality of life.

It’s quite a tricky question to answer.

On one hand it’s easy to say that in my experience there’s very few conditions that can’t be helped in some way by an integrated programme of dietary changes, special health promoting whole food supplements and natural medicines such as homeopathic remedies.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to say just how much a particular pet will benefit from such an approach, because this depends on a number of factors, most notably being the nature of the disease present, how advanced it is and what treatment has been used up to that point.

I’ve also learnt that it’s important not to mentally put limits on what the body is capable of healing with the right support.

Many times over the years I’ve seen dogs and cats recover in quite remarkable ways from conditions deemed to be incurable and fatal. I’ve also seen years and years of pathology vanish in weeks or months, to leave no trace of their existence behind.

And this affirms the belief I’ve always had, that provided with the right key or set of keys, the body can often unlock a remarkable ability to heal almost anything and restore health to a level that existed before disease intervened.

And so in this show we will answer the question of what Holistic treatment by sharing the stories of some of the pets we’ve helped this year.

Email, live chat and telephone dialogue have been included as it occurred, to show all the hard work that goes into providing Holistic support – much of it FREE of charge – and how much difference this makes to the successful treatment of pets...

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Show 4

Homeopathy - Magic or Madness?

A form of medicine that frequently polarises opinion.

Have a listen and see what you think. 

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Show 3

Cancer In Pets - part 2

Cancer is a word loaded with fears, inevitabilities and dread, particularly when it relates to a much-loved pet.

Unfortunately, with so many dogs and cats developing cancer at some point in their lives, it's a diagnosis that many of us with pets will hear.

With statistics like these, it’s now more important than ever to take steps to minimise the risk of this happening.

In this show we look at what lies behind the development of many tumours and what can be done to protect dogs and cats against common causes of cancer that can be minimised or avoided.

We will also discuss a step by step plan to build a strong, healthy immune system and MAXIMUM protection against cancer.

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Show 2

Cancer In Pets - part 1

Never a pleasant topic to bring up, but given that roughly 1 in 4 dogs and 1 in 8 cats will develop cancer at some stage in their lives, it's a subject that every pet owner needs to be as fully briefed on as possible.

In this show we look at:

- what cancer is
- what it does
- what causes it to appear
- the role of diet and other factors
- what to do if you notice anything unusual about your pet
- what you can do to reduce the risk of your dog or cat developing this disease

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Show 1

RAW Food Feeding

Five Minute Fad – Or Fantastic Foundation for Optimal Health?

You decide.

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